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We are located in Kalavad (Sarvania Village) in Jamanagar District of Gujarat. Our farm and nursery is spread in 8 Acres where we have a good collection of high yielding Dragon Fruit (White & Red flesh) mother plants. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying of organic farm fresh Exotic Dragon Fruit.

We do consultancy for dragon fruit farming. We follow up our regular customers to assure how the plants from our nursery growing in their homes. We are providing high quality plants at reasonable prices.

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The next decade is a decade of agri business, as food shortages are being observed due to neglectance of the agricultural production. Year after year the number working on agri projects is dwindling worldwide. The profitability is affected due to the absence of qualified/educated farmers. By and large agriculture is the domain of weak, less educated people in India.

We welcome the young entrepreneurs to encash this opportunity. We have taken interest to introduce you to various issues and areas in agri field


Dragon Fruit plants can tolerate any type of soil, however they grow well in well draining soils. Water retaining soils can cause root rot and to avoid this fatal factor, soil may be mixed with sand or tiny stone gravels to facilitate water drainage.


India is a tropical country with moderate climate all round the year. Dragon fruit adapts well to tropical climates. Minor adjustments for extreme Indian climates can overcome all obstacles as far as climatic conditions are concerned.


Dragon fruit being a cactus requires very less water as compared to other crops/fruits. It can survive without water for months. Best recommended method of irrigation is Drip irrigation. Irrigation by flooding is not recommended as it wastes water and increases work of weeding. Approximately 1 to 2 litres of water per day per plant is sufficient during the summer/dry days. Water requirement may increase or decrease depending upon your soil, climate and Plant health.

Yields & Economics

Dragon fruit normally fruits after 18-24 months after plantation. It is a vegetative fruit plant which normally fruits during or after monsoons. It fruits in 3 to 4 waves during one season. Each Pole fruits approx 40 to 100 fruits per wave. Each fruit weighs about 300 to 1000 grams. One pole normally yields approx 15 to 25 kg of fruits.



Dragon Fruit is low in cholesterol content and has no unhealthy cholesterol fats that harm the human body.


Dragon Fruit consists of a small amount of healthy monounsaturated fats because the fruit contains many seeds in its edible part. The seeds and the nuts in the dragon fruit contain fats and proteins.


Dragon fruit is also best known for its cleansing properties of the digestive system. The fibers in the fruit help to get better bowel movements. It is also a good solution for constipation.


Dragon fruit is a natural source of antioxidants. Antioxidants help out a person from any free radicals that cause cancer as well as unwanted health damages.


Dragon fruit helps to decrease the irritation of joints, so it is called as an anti inflammatory fruit. The symptoms of arthritis are alleviated once the swelling of the joints are reduced.

Good for the Heart

The greatest of dragon fruit advantages if for cardiovascular health. It decreases bad cholesterol levels from the body and then increases good cholesterol levels. This fruit is a good source of mono saturated fats which helps to keep our heart in good condition.

Regulates Diabetes

Dragon fruit contains a high amount of fiber that helps a person stabilize his blood sugar levels. It also avoids sugar spikes that are often observed after eating high glycemic index foods. Therefore, it is good for a diabetic patient though you should consult your doctor before consumption.

Fights Aging

This fruit is a rich source of antioxidants. It helps us to fight free radicals in our body. It also helps to slow down the aging process after the free radicals are reduced. Due to this, the skin looks young, flexible and tight.

Helps In Weight Management

Dragon fruit is low in calories. It is also a rich source of fiber. Therefore, it helps us to feel full after a meal without adding extra pounds. It cleans and improves our metabolic system thereby helping us to maintain a healthy weight.


Dragonfruits contain high amounts of Vitamin C which strengthens the immunity system against and helps fight against respiratory disorders like Asthma.

Gold Mine of Vitamins and Minerals

Dragon fruit contains high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, and B3. It is also rich in manyimportant minerals as iron, calcium, phosphorus .Apart from this, it contains a good proportion of protein, fiber and niacin and last but not the least, 80 percent water. Hence you can easily call it a ‘super fruit’ that helps in enhancing nutrition and corrects body ailments. Not only that, dragon fruit can be a vital ingredient in your daily beauty regime even. Dragon fruit seeds contain unsaturated fat and fights bad cholesterol.

More fun facts about dragon fruit
  • Dragon fruit also go by the names, Pitahaya and strawberry pear, although it is unlike either fruit.

  • They are used as the grafting stock for colourful cactus that do not produce their own chlorophyll.

  • The flowers bloom at night and begin to shrivel by the following morning.

  • The flower buds are also edible.

  • There are other varieties, included a red-flesh fruit that is purported to be sweeter. Alas, I did not see any on my trip last spring, most likely because fall is their season.

Nutritional Composition

Nutriants Amount per 100 g Daily Value % Comments
Water 87 g NA Very Heigh Water Content
Protein 1.1g 2.1%  
Fats 0.4g NA Contents Practically no fat
Carbohidrates 11.0g 3.4%  
Fiber 3g 12% Very good source of dietry fiber
Vitamin B1(Thiamine) 0.04mg 2.7%  
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.05mg 2.9%  
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 0.16mg 0.8%  
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) found in Carrots 20.5mg 34.2% Contains more than 3 times the amount of vitamin C
Calcium (Ca) 8.5mg 0.9%  
Iron (Fe) 1.9mg 10.6% A good source of iron
Phosphorus (P) 22.5mg 2.3%  
Zinc (Zn) NA NA  

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